Logo/Identity + Stationery Package
Pratte Portfolio Management is an independent portfolio management firm based in Gatineau, Quebec. It offers portfolio management services with an absolute return-on-investment objective. They are passionate about finance and the stock market. I was contracted, through a web design firm named Carbure, to refresh their existing company logo and create a dynamic corporate Stationery Package. I initially removed an unnecessary visual element from the original logo and then fined-tuned the distinct body of the typeface, which was done to make it more refined looking. Their former logo used the idea of an arrow that pointed up, within the capital letter ‘A’ , so I retained this recognizable feature. All components of the stationery were created from a different, but complementary colour palette and stock papers. Those choices were carefully considered and selected to create a unique, vibrant and elegant feel for the new corporate brand identity.

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